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Tattoo Aftercare Guidelines

All of my tattoos are created using the most up-to-date methods and finest colours available. NEW NEEDLES are used for every client.

All Equipment is sterilised to the highest standard.

Removing dressing after 2 hours. Wash with cold water and soap (Simple or Dove recommended) and dry with tissue NOT A TOWEL.

On the first night only have a hot shower, as hot as you can stand over the tattooed area - this will reducing swelling and bruising.

Wash using soap and water twice a day (again Dove or Simple recommended) and lightly cover with THC cream daily.

Use THC cream.
Do Not Cover Again.
Do Not Pick or Scratch The Tattoo.
Avoid contaminating the tattooed area with paint, grease, dirt etc.
Do Not swim in sea water or chlorinated swimming pools for at least two weeks after having the tattoo.
Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight for at least two weeks, and do not allow tattooed area to be sunburned.

If the tattoo itches, then slap it with a clean hand should relive itch, avoid picking or scratching the tattoo.

If you are happy with your tattoo tell everyone!

If you are not happy with your tattoo tell us!

Enjoy your tattoo.