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I have decided to offer Tattooing courses , Either one week (5 Days for basic training ) at £1000 or 2 Weeks £1500 (10 days for more intense training) I have spent some time preparing material , I have taught a few people in the 20  Years I have been in the industry . I decided to introduce this service after the problems I have had trying to find a decent artist to cover my studio while I have been off ill, I have realised there really are not enough good Tattoo artists. There are lots more studios looking than people to fill the positions. I cannot teach you to draw , If you want to be really good at the job , being really good at art is the begining. I can teach you how to be very safe & your legal requirements , How to set up you artwork , how the machines work (all types ), stripping and rebuilding them , all the various transfer processes and the full tattooing process . Also how to do a safe clean down. Sterilising using ultrasonics correctly  and the basics of running a studio. You will have oppertunities to work on fake and real skin ,there is a possibility of cheap accomodation during the course , as I have a spare room  


We are now offering a laser tattoo removal service within the shop!
It’s not as scary as it sounds and its bark is worse than its bite…
I have had several sessions with this machine on myself and am finding it to be a very successful tool!
A local anaesthetic can be used to minimize discomforts within the procedure.


We have two new additions to our gun collection here in the studio; one being the Cheyenne Hawk…
This is a revolutionary tattoo gun which eliminates the use of traditional needles- instead a cartridge system is used, meaning every needle pack is much more safer and hygienic.

With the feedback from customers, the general understanding of the Hawk is that it is 2/3rds less painful than a traditional tattoo gun, and puts ink in a lot faster.
I think the benefits of this are only too clear!

Our other new addition is a new set of guns called “Stealth”- they are rotary and run on a cam, resulting in barely any noise! Customers who have been tattooed with them say that it feels softer- especially with colouring in.